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Selmoni says, "We are proud of our history and it would be a mistake not to draw on it." This can be a challenge from a design standpoint because you have to always work with watch elements from the previous. But it makes sense since this is our style. U-Boat Replica Watches has become a benchmark for classical watchmaking. It is therefore important that we maintain this identity, and stay faithful to our heritage. You could say, then, that the Fiftysix concept was a departure.

The new collection was designed to be a modern watch that had a touch of rock 'n roll but was also a product that was very much of its time. Selmoni laughs when he remembers the shockwaves that rippled throughout SIHH following the unveiling the Fiftysix. He says that people were looking for the 1956 model.Blancpain Replica Watches "I realized this and had explain that although the inspiration was from 1956, it is a modern timepiece and we have included touches that were available at that time instead of directly reissuing an old model. Take the reference 6073 for instance. "We have taken some elements from the original but we wanted to make something more urban and modern."

The ref. The ref. Although very much a U-Boat Replica Watches, it is not instantly recognisable from across a room - something that has never been of prime importance to U-Boat Replica Watches, the brand preferring to use its unique combination of elegance, sophistication, refinement, and classicism-with-a-twist to create a familiar VC vibe. Selmoni says, "These words are meaningless until they're combined." "With the Fiftysix, this was just as important as every other pillar. U-Boat Replica Watches are characterized by these elements. Our designers love to hear that a U-Boat Replica Watches is recognizable even if they don't understand why. "The two don't mix."

Selmoni, while not dismissing SIHH reactions is philosophical in his approach to presenting a collection so radically different from what was expected. He believes that the real success of Fiftysix won't be evident until the pieces are sold. He says that while everyone tells you to think outside the box, it's not easy to predict if a product will be a success.Longines Replica Watches Selmoni, who believes that brands must adapt and evolve to stay relevant, says the Fiftysix is certainly a surprise to the majority. Selmoni, who is currently wearing the Fiftysix Self Winding in steel, says that he has two questions about his new wristwear. First, he wanted to know how he'd feel wearing it, and second, he wanted to know how others would react. He says that he loves it. The design is what has attracted people, especially those who are not collectors.

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