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PS80 Todd Snyder is a brand I wouldn't normally buy from, however designer brands are often an excellent source of slim-fitting T-shirts. An indigo-dyed T-shirt has been something I've been wishing for since a while (shamelessly imitating Jamie's) that I could wear as outerwear piece and not underwear as I have with my other T-shirts. cheap elevator shoes The breast pocket on this model is smaller and less obvious than other models. Concerning T-shirts: cheap elevator shoes I just was wearing an Hamilton & Hare tubeular-knit T shirt underneath my knitwear and was pleasantly surprised to find it the most comfortable T-shirt I've ever been. It's a made of tubular knits, which means there aren't any seams. This means it is more comfortable to wear than other shirts. cheap elevator shoes It's for me more of an underwear piece piece than an outerwear item. However, others might wear it in both ways.

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5 Anglo-Italian cotton safari jacket PS420 Alex and Jake are involved in a variety of lovely small things around Marylebone. However, cheap elevator shoes their safari-style cotton jacket is possibly the most original in terms of style. Anglo-Italian has gone against the grain of the majority of brands by creating safari jackets that have sharp lines and features that resemble tailoring. cheap elevator shoes The jacket is lightweight and casual, and has a dye that makes it appear comfortable and well-loved. This style is better suited to wear with jeans rather than a formal shirt, cheap elevator shoes but it is an interesting contrast from the other. The version in Anglo-Italian of the smock is like the one above, but it has less details that are more casual.

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